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Our New Event Center Space

This week-end we opened our new event center space. The decor is far from completed but we have a good start on it with freshly painted ceiling and walls. The space is located in adjoining rooms 101 and 103 at the North end of the building accessible through exterior door number 6 from the Northeast parking lot.

On Sunday, March 12th, the Clear Lake Wrestling Club hosted the first banquet in this new event center space. Photo of the Wrestler's Banquet is graciously provided by Nicole Anderson.

The space is available to anyone looking for a venue for a party, a banquet, a wedding reception or dance, let your imagination run. More information and rental rates will be available soon. Currently we have already booked the space for the Earth Day event on April 22nd. 

For more information call the CLACC business office at 715-263-2233 and ask for Steve. Please leave a message if you get the answering machine. I will return your call a.s.a.p.






Art on 5th

It's time everyone! ART ON 5TH is Alive! So, a little bit about our center for the visual arts. Our main focus is to be inclusive instead of exclusive. We are all about you feeling good about the visual art you create. If you like to draw stick people on note book paper and you become a member of ART ON 5TH we will be happy to show your work. It's just that simple. Come in and see what we are up to with this project.  Information brochures and membership forms are also available in our office and on the 3rd floor. Don't be shy...come in and give it a try. We have great things planned for you. 

 You may download the Membership Form from here. See below.


Membership Form

 You may download the Membership Form from here; Just [right click] and [save as]

Send with your check to:
Clear Lake Area Community Center
560 5th Street
P.O. Box 305
Clear Lake, WI, 540053-2233

Congratulations Students!!!



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